Tales in the Buffyverse

Ficlets and Stories:

Shallow Cuts
- Short Ficlet, nearly a drabble; Dawn point of view during the platform scene in The Gift.

The Soul of a Poet
- Dark ficlet set directly after Season 6, Episode 13 Dead Things. Dawn finds Spike in the alleyway after Buffy leaves him behind. Rated: PG-13
Warning: character death!

- Ficlet set in a near post-apocolyptic future. Rated: PG
Warning: Implied character deaths!

- When Buffy finds out that Spike is still alive, she pays a visit to a W&H still reeling from the aftermath of "Illyria". Set post Shells. Rated: PG-13 for cursing

- Spike and Buffy talk out a few things after her speech in Get it Done. Rated: PG

Not So Different
- Dark ficlet set in an unspecified time during Season 6. Buffy takes some time to reflect on a few things. Rated: R
Warning: implied character death!

Warm Again
- Post-Not Fade Away, after the final battle, Spike returns to Buffy for a bittersweet reunion. Spike's POV. Rated: R
Warning: I'm just giving a blanket warning here...

A Sorta Fairytale
- A set of five small ficlets taking a look at five moments in Spike and Buffy's
mutual past. Spoilers up through Chosen. Rated: PG-13

- A short ficlet set in Spike's POV as he reflects on part of his and Buffy's relationship.
Set in an unspecified time after Chosen. Rated: G

Tired of Waiting
- Post-Not Fade Away. It's been five years since the battle in the alley, Dawn's getting married, and Buffy's tired of waiting for a certain vamp to come calling. Rated: PG

Loose Threads - WIP
- Time is tenuous, all it takes is the right combinations tetugs and pulls to turn the universe on its side. Reality alters, time is skewed, and new worlds are created. When these worlds are forced to come together, everything will come undone.
- Spoilers through to Harm's Way. Rated R: Character deaths,
violence, sexual situations, and foul language.


- Dawn's POV during "Blood Ties."

And if I Die Today
- An alternate ending to "Bargaining pt.2" inspired by the Tori Amos song Happy Phantom.

- Buffy reflects on Spike, set during "As You Were."

Dreams of You
- Willow's POV sometime late-season 7 of BTVS.

Deep Thoughts
- Buffy and Spike have a chat, late-season 7 of BTVS.

- Willow's spell to enact all the world's potential slayers has unexpeted consequences. Takes place during "Chosen."

- The scoobies remember, post "Chosen."

- Buffy POV sometime mid-season 5 of ATS.

The Weirdest Thing
- Buffy tells Andrew a funny story. Set during "Not Fade Away."

Red, White, and Blue
- Drusilla has a vision. Post "Not Fade Away."

Care Package
- Angel's just not having a good day. Set just after "The Girl In Question."

Dictionary Drabbles
- A set of five stand alone drabbles all inspired by the word for which they are titled.

Elements Drabbles
- A set of seven drabbles following Buffy's death and subsequent resurrection. Inspired by the seven elements.

Snow Day
- For Sandy S. over at LJ, this is Buffy and Spike in the snow. Weighing in at 200 words, we shall call this one a double-drabble. Set post-Not Fade Away.

Bed of Thorns
- Giles POV circa season 2.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Series belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No copyright infrignement is intended. Please don't sue!


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