Adventures in Vidding

Adventures in Vidding

I'm sure most people know the drill, but here it is anyway:

Disclaimer: I did NOT film any of the sequences used in the videos, nor am I responsible for the music. No copyright infringement is intended, I simply like to play.

What to do: Please right click and choose "save as" or "save link target aesn't crash. Also, please don't direct link to any of the videos. If you really like them and want to put them on your own server, please drop me a line and let me know.

For your own protection: No theiving clips! I will not be held responsible for the horrible monster that will come and bite you in your sleep! I think that's all ;-), hope you enjoy!

Always - 9.59 MB wmv file

Always - 26.4 MB wmv file
- A look at the Buffy/Spike relationship set to the song "Always" by Saliva. Made this video back when the song came out. I had never done such a thing and, in fact, didn't even realize I had software on my computer that could do it up until that point! So bare with me, I had a slight fasicnation with greyscaling scenes.

Edgecrusher - 11.6 MB wmv file

Edgecrusher - 66.5 MB wmv file
- A multiseasonal montage focusing on the fight sequences from Buffy. This one was done at the request of my boyfriend, who wanted to see the opening sequence to "The Gift" set to the remixed version of "Edgecrusher" by Fear Factory. It sorta grew from there.

Psycho - 9.13 MB wmv file

Psycho - 51.9 MB wmv file
- A perspective look at Spike set to the song "Meaning of Life" by Disturbed. Another video done by request for my demanding loving boyfriend.

Wonderful World - 6.18 MB wmv file
- Angel POV set to the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. I know how it sounds, but trust me. It works!

Never See - 10.2 MB wmv file

Never See - 26.1 MB wmv file
- Angel perspective video with a focus on Darla and Connor set to the song "Lies" by Evanescence. I know some of their songs have been done to death, but this is an earlier song by them, and I don't think I've seen another video set to it. So all you Evanescence haters out there, give it a chance! (Was that to needy sounding...?)

Happy Phantom - 14.04 MB wmv file
- A compilation video featuring scenes from both Buffy and Angel set to the song "Happy Phantom" by Tori Amos.

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