Swept up in the rain

(All blank and pained)

Footsteps echoing

Out in the alleyways

(Crumpled and bleeding)


So much to overcome

So much to believe

To little faith to put in

To little hope to feed


Chin lifted to the sun

(All cracked and cold)

Tears evaporating

Out liquid pathways

(Scarred and empty)


So much corruption

To much hatred<

To little prayers said

So few hopes fed


Swallowing down

Everything offered

So trusting

(It will be allright)

Wrapped up in the cool of the sun

Burned by the dry waters run

Sweet dreams pressing in the back of closed lids

Bitter memories coaxing those lids back to life

So much to overcome, to believe

No faith left to give, no hope waiting in the wings

So whisper those prayers, maybe someone’s listening

And tomorrow will bring answers on feathery tips

(Leathery lips, what more truth can be told?)

Just sit on back and behold, let the rain wash down

All those left in the dark, (place on back that spark)

So much emptiness left within, to little left to fill

The essence of this, the essence of everything

To just want and wish, that all will turn out


To bend and break to the whim of those winds

And let the peace bury itself so deep

That all else is lost within,

Within these walls the calm will seep

Until the lines are blurred, and hope returns