Political Messiah

Itís difficult to pass as normal
in a world of scrutiny.
But a little known secret,
is that they envy you and your dreams.

Itís not all as bad
as we make out to be.
And not every choice is a desert,
looming on the horizon.
Cause somewhere beyond the endless sand,
awaits a welcoming sea.

If for only one moment
weíd take the time to breathe,
perhaps we could envision
a world of truth and peace.
But it seems beyond our comprehension,
and Iím doubtful that we will ever learn,
to stop planting the seeds of doubt
and let these seasons adjourn.

We cling to what goes wrong,
as if it to our motherís womb,
like we might somehow forget
the pain of this birth.
As if we cannot grasp
the lessons we are taught.
But itís not a smudge on the memory
of those that have gone before,
to let them go peacefully
and for just a moment forget to mourn.

Itís a homage to those who dare
shake up the status quo.
So stand up and claim the right
of challenger in this arena.
I think that you will find
support on all sides.
We are looking forward to meeting you
and hearing the sound of your battle cry...

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