What do you know about love?
What simple phrases blind your heart?
Make you forget every wrong been done
Make you believe in someone
Listless you turn forgoing sleep
Dreams are too harsh for reality

No words to express this emptiness
Filling up all your insides
Brave you push on
Brave you put on
Tears and pain
So retrograde
Blanket to cover up your sins

Marionettes dancing through life
Allow yourselves none of the blame
Remove the controls
Feed the flames
Burn yourselves on your cross
Claim no one else feels
The pain of loss

Some emotion begins to swell
No name can specify
The need and the changes
Bringing you insight
Please to make your acquaintance
A light behind your eyes, is there
Anymore cause to remain unaware?

Briefly you pause on your path
Cut strings litter the ground
By your feet
Choose two ends
Tie a knot
A soft breath on them
Wish them luck
And continue onů