Absent Light

Blissfully, I move in and out
Fighting back my thoughts of you
Curled inside my shadow self
I lose control, but thatís nothing new.

Haunted by your lack of breath
Haunted by the way you welcomed it
Distorting my recollections
Distorting my reminiscence

I donít want to be guilty of
Lack of feeling or of fright,
But I find it ever harder
To embrace your absent light

I want more then just my memories
More then just the tales you told
More then just your legacy
I want you here, and whole.

To hear your voice,
Calling out to me
To see your face,
Break in a smile, or grimacing.

I donít believe in fates or gods
I donít believe in prayer
I donít understand where youíve gone
But I do hope to see you there.

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