When the night

Starts to fall

When all that was bright

Is gone

When the world

Begins to end

And all that was known

Is wrong

When the peace

We seek

Is within our reach

When all hope

Starts to fade

And all that was

Is unmade

That’s when the voice is clear

And all that echoes is our fears

We’ll burn for it

We will yearn for it

We will beat the heavy drum

We will learn from it

We will call to it

We will let what’s lost be won

Then we’ll set

Our spirits free

And start to live again

When the course is run

And the lesson ends

We will earn

Our self rewards

Then we’ll be


Embraced within its arms

And laying still

We shall drink our fill

And be nothing more

Than this

Then buried there

We will find our share

And belong forevermore

When the lights are dim

We shall find within

The strength to be sure

Our bodies bathed in pain

We will press on

We will heed its name

And all that loves

Shall not be

In vain

The morning will come

We will bow to it

The dew will wash us clean

Bleeding through

The open wounds

Will be the answer

We need

And from that battle scar

We will live on in heart

We will fight for it

We shall die for it

We will be those that won’t be named

We will crawl to it

We shall belong to it

We will meet our match at last

And when we are through

And our vision clears

We will see our actions plain

They will carry us on

Through the dark

And we shall breathe again

Then our bodies will burn

And all that is

Will be but past

And the world shall be